McLaren drop one of their oldest traditions

McLaren are under new management with Zak Brown as CEO, and it seems the team are really entering a new era with the remnants of the Dennis age slowly disappearing…


Rumours of a radical livery change, harking back to the orange of the Can-Am days are rife, but even the smallest traditions are changing. For years, McLaren’s cars have always started with the ‘MP4-‘ acronym, a tradition started by Ron Dennis. But with ‘Big Ron’ now departed from the team, new CEO Zak Brown has clearly decided to keep the freshness going ahead of 2017.

Hungaroring, Budapest, Hungary. Saturday 25 July 2015. Fernando Alonso, McLaren MP4-30 Honda. Photo: Alastair Staley/McLaren ref: Digital Image _R6T9700


The new car, which was originally designated the MP4-32 has been renamed. Gone is the ‘MP4-‘, and welcome to MCL! Yep, you guessed it. The 2017 McLaren-Honda racer is to be called the MCL32. The hashtag #ChangeYourName being added to the #ChangeYourGame that McLaren are using for the launch of the MCL32. Whilst it is relatively minor news, there is nothing else to talk about right now! And after all, it is a significant breaking of tradition for the team. Williams have broken tradition this year by skipping the ’39’ number for their 2017 car, this one being the ‘FW40’ to mark 40 years of the team. McLaren though have gone radical in the naming department. Will the car be radical too, both in livery and performance? We will have to wait and see…

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