10 Predictions for the First Grand Prix of 2017

The season-opener at Albert Park for the 2017 Australian Grand Prix is becoming the most anticipated in years. At the dawn of the new aero-era and a change of hands at the top of the sport for the first time in nearly 40-years brings a fresh start, but will the racing be any good?

Former FIA President Max Mosley is this pre-season’s doomsayer, fearing that F1 2017 is going in the wrong direction.

“I would have gone for less aero and perhaps more mechanical grip.

Deliberately setting out to make the cars quicker is questionable because all the rules for the last 40 or 50 years brought in by the FIA have been to make the cars slower – either slower or safer, because speed equals danger obviously.”

– Max Mosley

More mechanical grip? *cough* – Grooved tyres – *cough*…

Esteban Gutierrez testing the 2017 tyres. Wavy rear-wing! SOURCE: Getty
Esteban Gutierrez testing the 2017 tyres. Wavy rear-wing!

Mosley correctly points out that the FIA have been focal and progressive in their pursuit for making the sport safer over the decades. Improvements were needed in the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s, but the technology today, including the proposed Halo protection system shows that the cars can in fact, get faster and safer symbiotically.

The truth is that the opening race of 2017 at Albert Park will likely set the running order first few rounds of the season. When the regulatory reset button is hit, the gaps that teams have been clawing into are reverted and tend to separate again. Based on the pre-season peacocking and displays of confidence thus far, here are 10 predictions for the 2017 Australian Grand Prix:

These are pre-testing predictions, so don’t expect us to eat our own shoes if we’re way off.

Let us know if you have any predictions for the upcoming season in the comments section below…

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