Lewis Hamilton Has to Sort Over 8,000 Helmet Designs

Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton gives a sneak peek the submissions for his 2017 F1 helmet design competition. What will the fans cook up?

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You know what’s great about being a F1 Word Champion multiple times over? You can create things like helmet design competitions and know that thousands will flock to the cause. That’s exactly what Lewis Hamilton did two weeks ago; coincidentally, this is also when graphic designers the world over collectively poop their pants.

Hamilton decided that he was bored of just being given a pre-approved livery from all those tasteless corporate folk, and has opted to start a competition to see what his fans could design for him.

Since then, Hamilton has reportedly received over 8,000 submissions from fans worldwide in their bid to get some sweet-ass coveted advertising space for themselves. As the 2017 regulations state that once a livery / suit / helmet design has been set it must remain so for the rest of the season, some graphic designer somewhere is going to be over the moon when their work gets a close-up at every F1 race during the 2017 season.

Hamilton recently placated his ravenous following with this statement regarding the status of the competition:

“Some really great entries in there. As the competition’s now closed I’m going to be looking through to see the design that I’d like to pick. There’s quite a few entries to go through, so this might take some time but hoping to announce the winner in the next few days. More soon…”

– Lewis Hamilton


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In addition to getting their graphic design featured on Lewie’s helmet, the winner will also receive a full-sized replica that has been signed by Hamilton himself. Presumably to masturbate to while they update their resumes to reflect their crowning achievement.

Best of luck to all those out there who submitted entries. Let’s see what sort of taste Lewis has got.

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