A “Breath of Fresh Air” for Movistar Yamaha

Lin Jarvis, Yamaha MotoGP boss, has said that Vinales’ and Rossi’s relationship is like “a breath of fresh air” when compared to Lorenzo.

Well, the comparison was bound to happen. The departure of Lorenzo from Yamaha was significant for more reasons than what many saw as a mid-career pivot. Lorenzo and Rossi’s relationship seemed like all folks could focus on in the past when it came to Yamaha. Well, with good reason. The two have never really seen eye to eye.


All that changed once Lorenzo’s spot was replaced by up-and-coming Firestarter Maverick Vinales. To be honest, we couldn’t of staged a more drastic change in team atmosphere than the one which occurred. Movistar Yamaha’s boss, Lin Jarvis, knows all too well:

“Last year, they already nurtured a little bit of a relationship together,” he said. “They had this mutual respect for each other beforehand and what’s been pleasing is Maverick has outright stated that Valentino has always been his idol. And he continues to see him in that way. You don’t have this animosity between two riders and that’s really good, it’s like a breath of fresh air, frankly, at the moment.” – Lin Jarvis

But, it seems that Jarvis himself is keenly aware of just how much assurance the current state between the two teammates offers up. Spoiler alert: not much.



“Let’s see how long we can keep that going into the season. We’re under now false impressions, because if you get to the back end of the season and they are both fighting for the championship, dynamics change.” – Lin Jarvis

No one likes to be beaten, but Rossi in particular hates it. He’s been touted as the greatest around for a long time now – and peeling that sticker off is going to be painful.

Vinales has a lot to prove, but what he’s shown so far is that he’s a serious contender for the title in 2017. We’ll see long those good terms last.


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