Jeremy Clarkson: Bernie’s Exit Was “Probably a Good Thing”

Former TopGear host and all things auto aficionado Jeremy Clarkson has sided with those who think Ecclestone’s departure is beneficial to the sport.

After the initial shockwave of stories during the Liberty Media takeover, there was a brief period of fond remembrance for what Bernie helped create. That time, it seems, has come to an end. More folks are coming out of the woodwork to comment on the changeover in ownership and leadership. Among those is dry-humor perpetuator and car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson:

“I had some time for Bernie in the end, but it is probably a good thing that he has gone and that it is now going to be run as a show and not as just some tool for making already very rich men a little bit richer. – Jeremy Clarkson


Clarkson was quick to comment on the nationality of the transitionary team, primarily the new CEO of the Formula One Group, Chase Carey. Carey’s mug has been plastered all over the place as the new face of F1, and if Clarkson’s statements regarding American’s is true, the sport could make some drastic pivots for the better:

“Because Chase is American, there is no question that the Americans have a sense of theatre about them.

Think whatever you do of NASCAR, they can fill 250,000-seater stadiums, which no other sport on Earth can do.

And Formula One, the rich old men who run it, just need to be told that it is for the fans. The only thing that will get the fans watching and therefore the sponsorship money rolling in again is excitement, and I think the Americans understand that so I am hoping and praying that they bring it back.” – Jeremy Clarkson


Right behind you, Jeremy. Let’s cross as many phalanges as we possibly can in a hope that they don’t muck it up. It isn’t like Liberty’s efforts in expanding awareness from a marketing perspective is going to detract from what’s going on in the sport from a technical perspective. If the American influence neutralises the running order, the engineering habits aren’t going to vanish. Someone will find an advantage and look to exploit it. There’s been a fair bit of mistrust regarding the takeover, but maybe Formula One can have a greater entertainment factor and maintain technical warfare at the same time.


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