Fernando Alonso “I’m Better Than Ever”

McLaren Driver Fernando Alonso is resolute in pushing as hard as he can into the 2017 F1 season.

When racing drivers are out on the track with scores of other capable racers, they’ve got to keep their confidence high and eliminate any self-doubt. The last thing they want hitting they out on the track is fear.


Fernando Alonso knows this too well, and is banishing it from his ’17 F1 season:

“I keep positive. I’m better than ever, I’m preparing as never before and I’m going to go for it. Who knows what will really happen, I’m going to do it all.”

– Fernando Alonso

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Though Alonso is looking to continuously better his performance in the coming races, he did concede to fans on his Instagram account that any McLaren victories in the 2017 season would be hard-fought.

“Victories? I think we have to be cautious. We have to be careful in the races at the end of last year we were a second or a second and a half off Mercedes. It’s a brutal gap and we must be cautious.

Surely Mercedes are on a trajectory to lead having won the last three world championship as they have done. Then Red Bull will adapt well to the new rules, but we will have to see how we all adapt. We really do not know still. F1 is always an unknown, but this year that is even more so.”

– Fernando Alonso


While I’d be hard-pressed to say that McLaren will be fighting against Mercedes right off the bat, we have no clue what the new regulations are going to do to the actual running order. It’s a safe bet that Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari will be up there, but McLaren? Even consistently staying in touch with the likely top six cars would be considered huge progress, and might be a more likely target. Meagre adjustment or dramatic upheaval? Teams have been reigning themselves during testing – as is custom – not to give too much away before qualifiers, but if Alonso’s words are anything to go by, the sport is entering a bigger “unknown” than the previous few years.


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