2017 F1 Driver Salaries Revealed

The 2017 Formula One driver salaries contain some very surprising, staggering figures. None more so than the difference in salary between promising driver Max Verstappen and some of his more seasoned rivals.

F1 drivers probably earn their wedge more than many of the world’s most overpaid sports stars–they are risking their lives after all.¬†Fernando Alonso is top of the list with his $40 million, but how close does everyone else come?

What Fando can buy with $40 million:

– 280 McLaren 570S sportscars

– 2/5 of Ecclestone’s German Court Payment

-6,666,667 packs of Just For Men Beard dye

-148 houses in the UK

-1,588 state-of-the-art Sony Pmw-F55 cinema cameras for his camera assistant ambitions

-80,000 Iberico Ham joints

Driver salaries for the 2017 season:

In terms of points-to-salary, Max Verstappen¬†is the most cost-effective driver to have on the grid. The Red Bull driver’s earnings are small in comparison to Ferrari and Mercedes, but in the real world, all of these salaries are huge.


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