Williams Reveal their FW40 Challenger for the Upcoming Season

Williams have beaten Sauber in the race to the first reveal after posting an official video of their FW40 challenger on the WilliamsTV Youtube channel.

The FW40 retains the same livery as previous seasons with Martini as the team’s major sponsor. The biggest changes are in the front and rear wings, the front looking much more aggressive than previous years, with the thinned nose profile making the front wing stand out a bit more.

Williams have announced that the official launch of the car will be on February 25th and have stated in a Tweet that “the wait is almost over” with the video above attached. It could be that this rendition of the FW40 isn’t the full picture, there could be a livery change after all. It seems odd to give this teaser and also confirm a launch date, there must be more to come.

williams fw40

The rear wing is, as expected, set at an angle and the shark fin on the engine cover makes a popular return. The Williams FW40 doesn’t have an exciting livery change, but the chassis itself preludes nine other car launches later in the month that will surely adopt a similarly aggressive look.

The FW40 will take Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll through the season with many anticipating that the team has the engineering potential to be knocking on the door of the top three. Last season, the team fell away from their podium-threatening form, but still managed a few decent results and scored points on a regular basis. Losing 4th in the Constructors to Force India would have hurt this proud team, but it makes for an entertaining rivalry between the two independent to develop further in 2017.

The ten best results that Williams achieved in 2016:



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