Wehrlein Is Forced to Sit Out of Testing

Pascal Wehrlein will be forced to opt out of winter testing due to injuries he sustained during the Race of Champions, will he be able to recover in time?

Well, it looks like that flip really did do a number on Wehrlien. When the incident first occurred during the Race of Champions’ Nations cup event, everything looked okay as Wehrlein was able to walk away from the crash that had sent him over the barrier and flipped the car.

Now, it looks like Pascal will be present at the team’s test at Spain’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Feburary 27th, but will be watching from the sidelines rather than being in the driver’s seat. Pascal took to Twitter to inform his fans on his condition:

“I have to skip the first winter test due to medical advice because of a BACK issue. I feel sorry for the team but we’ll come back stronger!” – Pascal Werhlien

Now that it’s clear Werhlein sustained a back injury during is wreck at the Race of Champion’s, only time will tell just how serious it is. Is this the first and only test he’ll sit out, or is the damage much more acute? This writer, for one, hopes that he makes a speedy recovery in time for the remainder of the pre-season tests.


Without a driver for one of their cars, Sauber is in a bit of a tight spot. They’ve not announced anything officially, but are rumoured to be tapping the GP2 2016 champion Antonio Giovanizzi for the first day of testing in Spain. If Wehrlein’s disposition is anything to go off of, he needs to rest, but is otherwise A-OK.

No team wants to be put in the bind that Sauber is in right now, but thus far they’ve handled the situation with grace and tact – an appropriate methodology for conducting business when life decides to flip everything on its head.

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