Sauber Launch Fierce C36-Ferrari

The Sauber team have launched their C36-Ferrari. The car has a very aggressive looking design and features a gold trim to commemorate the team’s 25-year involvement in Formula 1.

Jorg Zander, technical director for the team said,

“We put greater emphasis on aerodynamic stability as opposed to maximising downforce.”

– Jorg Zander

Much bigger space for barge boards… source: Sauber




Pascal Wehrlien and Marcus Ericsson will get to drive the C36 for the upcoming season, although Wehrlein will miss out on the opening pre-season test due to back injuries sustained in the Race Of Champions collision with Felipe Massa.

Jorg Zander also emphasised that the 2016-spec Ferrari engine suits the team in that they have been able to focus and understand the engine for a longer time than rivals who will be running a 2017-spec. he said it was:

“a tried and tested system with higher durability to begin with. Being able to get started early and defining the engine environment was an advantage because the team was familiar with the engine and the transmission as well as the cooling requirements the engine entailed.”

– Jorg Zander

source: Sauber No S-Duct

The team have been assertive in their beliefs that last season was an off-year and that in 2017 they will be more competitive. The first time these cars go out on track will be the first pre-season test in Barcelona on February 27th and may give Sauber an indication as to where they will be relative to the rest of the pack.

Sauber c36 Ferrari

The team have taken on Pascal Wehrlein for 2017, the young German impressing at Manor and likely to get to grips with the C36 later than Ericsson, who gets at least an extra test session to get to grips with the new car, which is expected to complete race-laps 5-seconds quicker than last season on average.




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