Wolff and Lauda Sign On To Mercedes Until 2020

Current Team Boss Toto Wolff and chairman Niki Lauda have refreshed their contracts to stay on at Mercedes until 2020.

Well, we can’t really call this one as a shocker. If anything, it’s confirmation of something that we saw coming from a mile away. It’s no surprise that Mercedes has refreshed Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda’s contracts for the next three years due to the success the pair have brought to the team.

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Wolff and Lauda have been hailed as a dynamic duo from before their initial pick was even announced. Toto is as savvy of an entrepreneur as they come and no one can doubt Lauda’s legendary experience. The two have been instrumental in Mercedes rise to dominance over the past three years, and Mercedes chairman Dieter Zetsche is keenly aware of it:

“It’s great news that Toto and Niki have extended their agreements. “In 2013, we restructured the management of the Team with the clear goal of improving our performance.

Since then, however, the results have exceeded our expectations. A key factor in this success has been the combination of Toto’s entrepreneurial skills and Niki’s experience. Their renewed commitment gives our program important continuity for the next four years.” – Dieter Zetsche

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While Mercedes has been absolutely mopping the floor with the competition in a triple-hat team victory since 2013, they will now have to bear the pressure that only comes down when a team has been up on high for so long. If there wasn’t a bloodthirsty pack of challengers behind them before, there certainly is now.

Yet, under Wolff and Lauda’s lead they will continue to remain cool-headed in the face of adversity. Wolff himself commented on the nature of Mercedes incredibly ability to grasp victory time and again:

“Winning is never down to single individuals – it is about the right group of people coming together, aligning themselves with a common objective and then combining their talents to achieve that target. Each day I come to the factory, I am humbled to have the privilege of representing this inspiring group of people.” – Toto Wolff


Wolff has managed the team for the past three seasons, overseeing three double titles. They go into the 2017 season as the favourites.


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