Formula A gets reincarnated in Australia

After a tumultuous period in which the future of the division rested on rocky ground, Formula 3 will stepping in to replace Formula A in Australia.

It looks as if it’s not all bad news for the youngest group of racers in the Formula division. Since the cancellation of Formula A Australia, many have been wondering what would be done to fill the now division-sized hole that existed in the country. The aforementioned gap will now be filled by the Austrailian Formula 3 Premier Series. While it will retain the Formula 3 title and function chiefly as a division for Formula 3 cars, it will also allow additional open-wheel cars such as Formula Renault, Formula 1000 and the Toyota Racing Series.

Series spokesperson Mike Drewer took a moment to comment on the new division, and it’s plans for the future:

“The new structure was formalized with input from key F3 team owners and participants to ensure that top level open-wheeler racing not only survives in Australia, but will expand in the future.

Formula 3 is a vital component of the pathway for talented young drivers whether their aspirations be directed to professional Motorsport nationally or internationally.”

– Mike Drewer

It’s tough to say how things will shake down this time for Formula A. Things seem to be on a pendulum considering that it was initially set up to replace the Australian Formula 3 Championship, and now we’re back to an Aussie F3. Observations of irony aside, it would be wonderful to see the division reinvigorated and capable of sustained life and longevity.

Then again, there are those who would argue for the wholesale abolishment of feeder divisions such as F3, stating that the F1 cars have been souped-up with tech that they’re significantly easier to drive than before. Whatever the end result is, only time will tell.

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