LEAKED: Mercedes F1’s Data Sharing Whatsapp Chat

This time, Toto tries to shorten the leash on Lewis, but an appalling admission from Hamilton leaves his competitors saltier than ever. How will the Mercedes Formula 1 team get out of this one?         

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We sat down and had a serious interview with Don Nutting, PA to the new ambassador at Mercedes, Nico Rosberg. We asked him about Nico’s day-to-day role as ambassador:

“His phone hasn’t stopped ringing, Nico is really busy these days. He’s goes all over the country, testing different ice-cream flavours for his wife Vivienne’s dessert parlour in Monaco. Last week he hauled a hammock of neapolitan ice-cream from Italy, the company car helped him make this run. He had a great first stint, from Monte Carlo to Genoa, before boxing at a petrol station for a bladder empty and a coffee pick up. He finished the route in first place.

In terms of at the Mercedes race team garage? He does a good job. Lauda lost one of his slippers last week, who finds it? Ambassador Rosberg finds it. He also had a slumber party with Valtteri, but no secrets were passed. He’s really helped the Finn settle.”

– Don Nutting – PA to Ambassador Rosberg

"Delicious" - Busy ambassador
“Delicious” – Busy ambassador

When asked about the prospect of not defending his title against Hamilton, we were thrown out of the caravan at the roundabout outside the Mercedes Brackley HQ, and were left grunting in the rain like regular depressed weather reporters.


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