How did These Motorsport Sponsorship deals even Happen?

Some drivers don’t have a choice in terms of sponsorship. If you’re starting out on the motorsport ladder, or struggling to find budget in the junior categories, there’s no shame in taking anything you can get just to go racing and give yourself a chance. 

But a lot of the top tier series, including F1 and NASCAR, have had some weird and truly awful sponsorship deals go ahead. Here are some of the most bizarre racing endorsements you will ever see:

This just goes to show that in Motorsport, sometimes you just have to take the sponsors that are given to you. The biggest brand-related controversy of the 2016 season was the Hawkers-Sergio Perez incident. The Mexican driver dropped the sunglasses company after they tweeted a pro-Trump statement.

Perez said,

“I have decided to split with the brand because I’m not in favour at all of those comments. I didn’t find it funny at all. They are very sorry and I am very sorry, too. I know the owners and they have done incredibly well and the relationship was going to be very successful.
But my country and people come first, and I want to support them and won’t let anyone make fun of my country. It’s a shame the brand pays for it because it’s a mistake from one person. I’m sure he regrets it now, but it’s how things are in life sometimes.”
– Sergio Perez
Checo will be fine without them, and won’t have to dip into obscure sponsorship deals either to replace them. Don’t expect to see ButtPaste or SPAM on the Force India this season…

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