Sergio Perez: No Reason Force India Shouldn’t Be in Top Three

Force India driver Sergio Perez believes the privateer team has more than what it takes to contend with the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

If for anything other than the entertainment value, it would be incredibly refreshing to see Force India break through into the top three – and it seems that it’s beyond a pipe dream in the mind of Force India driver Sergio Perez:

“I think there are plenty of reasons to be very hopeful we can do the next step as a team. in the four years, I have been in this team I have never seen it so stable, everyone knowing their job and none of the teams I have been in F1 this level of confidence, organization, everyone doing their jobs. We have plenty of reasons to be hopeful for a great year.

Last year we were fourth so I see no reason why we can’t improve that. The base is very solid. There are plenty of reasons to be hoping for that. That means a massive year for us but I think Force India will be the big surprise this year.” – Sergio Perez

The most interesting details of the 2017 cars so far:

Sergio’s not off-base here. The technical regulation overhaul could give Force India the opportunity it would need to spring a surprise on the Big Three. That being said, they’re not the only team in this position. The regulation overhaul could come back around to bite them in the ass just as much as it could grant them a boon.

We’ve still yet to see how the 2017 cars perform in tests, and furthermore out on the grid against the rest of the pack. While it would be incredible to see Force India break through the bulwark that is the top three, something gives off the feeling that the over-the-break tweaking and tuning could widen the gap even further.

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