Hamilton Hopes the Engineers are Wrong

Mercedes’ starlet Lewis Hamilton doesn’t feel too strongly about the nature of F1 in 2017 – but he’s still holding out hope that they’re wrong.

Here it comes right back ‘round again. We’ve been covering the topic of these upcoming regulations for quite some time. To be fair, they are a big enough upset to the nature of the sport – aside from the takeover by Liberty Media – to make one wonder what’s going to happen with so many new variables being tossed into the pot.

Have you seen the new Mercedes W08 yet?

With so many of the senior technical staff commenting on how the added downforce will prevent overtaking by significantly increasing the amount of grip the already-insane Formula One cars, it’s got some of the driving staff cocking their ears more than just a little. Mercedes’ own Lewis Hamilton has his reservations:

“My engineers say it’s going to be a lot harder to overtake. If we see overtaking is worse, it’s going to be worse for the fans, the spectacle will be worse, so I’m hoping that’s not the case.

Because it’s a bigger, wider car there’s going to be more wake, more downforce, the vortices behind the car are going to be larger, so the car behind will be affected even more.

I really hope that the engineers, who are the smartest guys, are wrong and I hope that the spectacle is greater and the most competitive that it’s ever been. And if it is, I look forward to being part of that.” – Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes W08

Hamilton is right to be fearful of their prognosis. If this turns out to be true, we’ll be bearing witness to a worldwide phenomenon shooting itself in the foot. The sport will have a much clearer view on the potential issues in the forthcoming races – let’s just hope it’s a closer contest.

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