Ericsson Reports back on Driving the Sauber C36

Marcus Ericsson took the new Sauber C36 for a spin around the circuit de Catalunya, and his initial impressions of the car are positive.

The Swedish driver said,

“Initially it feels really good. I think obviously this year’s regulations are very exciting for everyone in Formula 1.

The initial feel is good, the cars look really brutal as well with the wider tyres and wider dimensions in general, so the first impression is good.”

– Marcus Ericsson

“It’s very difficult in F1 to aim for results as you don’t know where you stand compared to competitors until the first race really.

But as a team we want to be back in the midfield and fight there and fight consistently for points, that’s the first aim: to be a consistent midfielder and be there every weekend and fight for points, it’s where we need to get back to.”

– Marcus Ericsson

The official pre-season test starts on the 27th, and Sauber will get a better indication as to where they are. The team have ambitions of competing solidly in the midfield after a disappointing 2016 season. Marcus Ericsson was unable to score any points, but came close in the United States Grand Prix with 11th and three 12th place finishes in Bahrain, Spain and Singapore.

Pascal Wehrlein is new to the team, but will miss out on pre-season testing due to a back injury sustained in the Race of Champions event in Miami. Ferrari reserve Antonio Giovinazzi is poised to take his pace in the test sessions.

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