The Orange and Black McLaren MCL32

It’s a drastic livery change for the McLaren. A surprisingly high front-suspension and gills on the nose are interesting features. It’s a very good looking car, but as Alonso said when on stage, “it’s only sexy if it’s fast.”

McLaren showed real progress last season with a best result of 5th. Eric Boullier seemed up for a bit of fighting talk on stage with the new MCL32, stating that “we will win again.”

Away from the track, it has been huge change at the Woking-based team with the departure of Ron Dennis. The name change, the new colour scheme, everything barring performance highlights a fresh start as the team try to recapture their winning form.

In Fernando Alonso, they have one of the best drivers in the sport and he will deliver if the car can. Stoffel Vandoorne was impressive in Bahrain last season, clinching the team’s first point. Now, with a full season ahead, the young Belgian driver must seize the opportunity that he has been patiently waiting for in the sidelines.

On the upcoming season, Zak Brown said,

“Any great company has different chapters and our last one is an encyclopaedia of success.We hit a little bit of the refresh button. The fans have been telling us what they want to see and we’ve responded to our millions of fans around the world.

About 1000 people have put in effort to contribute to what this car looks like. We’re very excited for the new year and Eric [Boullier] has built a great racing team.

We need to show that we’re going faster and that we’ve got a chance of winning. A world championship is not far away. Fernando is loving it here and we love Fernando.”

– Zak Brown

Can McLaren really get back to winning ways in 2017? They always seem to do well in terms of making a solid chassis, so it will all come down to power in the end.



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