Unicorns Of Love Break Their Curse To Take Home The IEM Oakland Trophy

If only the Unicorns of Love had represented Europe at the 2016 World Championship. The pink ponies have finally laid their hands on some deserved silverware, albeit a somewhat tinny shield, abolishing their curse as the nearly team of the competitive League of Legends scene at last.

For many fans of the European League of Legends scene, the Unicorns of Love are the reason they started following the EU LCS. It’s fitting that after so many near misses and G2 eSports’ vacations, the Unicorns seized their opportunity to represent their region, obliterating the top seeds from Taiwan and North America to claim victory at IEM Oakland.

Source: ESL
Source: ESL

Every fan remembers the moment they fell in love with the Unicorns. For many, the name Unicorns of Love was enough to cement their unwavering support, the pink uniforms were of course, an added bonus. For those who were craving their first opportunity to see the team in action, the revelation of the Twisted Fate Jungle pick from Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek to bury Team SoloMid converted any non-believers.

From there, the Unicorns would go on to break hearts over and over again: narrowly missing out on a Spring Split LCS Championship in their debut split in the top flight, before falling short on two consecutive World Championships by a single game. It’s vindication that the story should come full circle, with yet another Team SoloMid victory to start it all, before an expected Kalista pick in the final to secure victory.

Unicorns of Love team manager Romain Bigeard was certainly pleased with his team’s semi final performance. NA < EU…

The Unicorns took the Taiwanese squad, Flash Wolves to a five game series in the final. Top laner Tamas “Vizicsacsi” Kiss and ADC Kim “Veritas” Kyoung-min showed up big for the series, wrapping up the win with a spicy surprise Kalista pick in game five.

UOL claimed their $50,000 reward for their commanding performances, an added bonus to the news that their entire roster will be re-signing for the forthcoming season of the EU LCS.


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