Esteban Ocon is Happy that He Can Weigh More in F1

Force India’s Esteban Ocon talks about his favorite portion of the regulation changes: the freedom to eat whatever he wants.

Sports regulations are always a tricky thing. They’ll never stop changing; and oftentimes hard pivots will have to be made in order to stay in the game. Alas, Esteban Ocon of Force India is both enjoying and hating the pivot that F1 has made during the regulations changes it underwent for the 2017 season. Due to the increased cornering speeds that drivers will experience in the ’17 F1 cars, many have been hitting the gym or doing their best to bulk up before the big race in Australia.


“I was on a big protein diet, it was very hard, I had to force feed myself. And now I stopped so I lost like 500g, something like that.

It’s been very hard, I’ve been doing nine hours of cardio per week, 10 hours of gym and all the rest was reaction training, circuit training… very hard stuff.

This year there is no restriction at the moment and the team agreed it was more important to feel good in the car than be underweight and not be able to drive the car.” – Esteban Ocon

The latest pre-season testing images, Ocon will drive this afternoon.

While it may seem that Ocon has been suffering for the sake of the sport, he didn’t seem all that dismayed by the pressure to develop his body more:

“Now you can develop yourself more and do a bit more gym and eat more as you want, and that’s a nice thing. Everyone will feel much better.” – Esteban Ocon

It remains to be seen just how physically demanding these new cars will be in comparison to the old, but if there’s any change that opens up the field for a greater variety of drivers and builds, we’re all for it.

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