Marquez Dislocates His Shoulder Again

Defending MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez has dislocated his shoulder – again – only just two short weeks before the last test.

Marc just can’t get a break when it comes to rotator cuffs. Somehow, he’s managed to dislocate his shoulder again during a private Repsol Honda test at the track in Jerez. Marquez took a spill at turn 7, dislocating his right shoulder. It’s alright though, it’s not the shoulder he had dislocated previously! Marquez was cleared by the on-sight medical team so it appears to have a pop-n-slot it back in affair. Despite displacing the location of his shoulder, condemning it to float nebulously within his flesh, Marquez still believes he and the team had a productive day in Jerez.

Marc Marquez

“Today was a productive day, as we were able to do many laps and to work on our bike well. We did most of the work we had planned, which is good. I crashed in the afternoon and dislocated my shoulder, but luckily it was nothing serious. Now I’ll have some rest back at home and get ready for the next test, in Qatar.” – Marc Marquez

It looks as if his dislocated shoulder didn’t even register, as Marquez lamented the fact that he still felt as if something wasn’t lining up for Honda.

“The new engine is smooth. The power is normal, not very powerful. But with the electronics – the connection with the gas, the engine and rear wheel – still I don’t feel comfortable. Still for me we are missing something, in the electronic side. It feels like the electronics are on one side and the engine on another side. They are not working together.” – Marc Marquez


With only two short weeks until the last test before the start of the season, the Honda engineers are really cutting it close to the wire. Hopefully Marc can avoid future spills long enough to test the bike out in Qatar.

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