Red Bull RB13 Unveiled – Strangest Nose-job yet?

The new Red Bull RB13 has been unveiled today and it’s a digital rendition that doesn’t really give away too many details. There is something pingu-like about the nose though, as you will see in the images below…

Daniel Ricciardo is aware that Red Bull are the pre-season favourites to take on Mercedes in 2017, but the Aussie was reluctant to comment, waiting until he’s had a few conversations on-track with the car first.

“I’ve missed race weekends – the F1 circus. We got to the end of the season and it was like ‘I’m done with this for a while – give me a holiday’, but now we’re coming up to the start of the year and I’m hungry for that again. Everyone’s posting videos and photos of their training in the off-season but now let’s do our talking on the track and see what happens!”

– Daniel Ricciardo

Hole on nose-tip

Max Verstappen goes into his first full season with Red Bull racing, having served the first four races of 2016 in the Toro Rosso before picking up a stunning debut win in Spain. The Dutch driver is hoping for a very dull Australian Grand Prix, he said,

“How will the first race be? Hopefully we have a good start and then lead the whole race.  Hopefully we have a really boring race. That would be perfect!”

– Max Verstappen


More details on this potential title challenger, as well as the rest of the grid will be revealed in the first pre-season tests tomorrow. Teams aren’t going to give away all of their details in the public domain at this point in the season as it would allow others to draft up imitations. The hips of the RB13 are very scant in detail, so that will be an area on the car that we would be expect to have greater detail tomorrow on-track.

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