Haas VF17 – American Mean Machine

The Haas VF17 has been released today as the team look to build on a strong debut season in Formula 1. 


The geometric livery on the shark fin looks really good and the track day images highlight a mean looking American monster. Team Principal Guenther Steiner said,

“I think the pedal box is the same, but all the rest is very different from last year’s car. You always try to make a faster car, which is normally a lighter car. Now we can put on more ballast and get better weight distribution. The aero is completely new, as are the tires, so we needed to have some built-in adjustability.

Aesthetically, the car has a more aggressive look. It’s lighter and more aerodynamically efficient. Everything we learned from our first car has been applied to our new car.”

– Guenther Steiner

Haas VF17

The team go into 2017 with the ever reliable Romain Grosjean and the Danish driver Kevin Magnussen, who still needs to make a proper name for himself on the Formula 1 grid.

The team finished 8th in the Constructors last season, beating Renault, Sauber and Manor marked a solid introduction to the sport. The question on everyones lips now is, can they take the next step? Renault are expected to be much stronger in the upcoming season, Sauber have stated that last season was a terrible blip, it feels like Haas will have had to make a significant step forward to keep up with those teams around them.


They stunned in the early races last season, a repeat would be even better. They need to keep an eye on the brakes and make sure they manage to get more full practice sessions over the race weekend so that they can tune the car perfectly. Teething problems hurt many a Grand Prix weekend last season and in 2017, they will have had to have learnt from these errors if they want to climb the order.

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