McLaren Suffer early Setback with Oil Leak in Testing

Following a car launch that looked like it was taking place on the bridge of a spaceship, an eternally optimistic CEO and a fired up Spaniard, the McLaren MCL32 has suffered teething problems after a lap of testing.

The oil leak is in a tricky spot, so the team will have to spend several hours under the car to resolve the issue. A spokesperson for Honda said,

“We have an oil systems issue which requires a full investigation. We plan to run again today, but due to the difficult access location it will take several hours to resolve.”

– Honda Spokesperson

Alonso goes out for a lap before the oil system ruins the first morning of testing... Source: Twitter
Alonso goes out for a lap before the oil system ruins the first morning of testing…
Source: Twitter

It’s not a good start for the team, but these issues are better resolved during testing as opposed to a Grand Prix weekend. Honda did say that they had made a drastic overhaul on their engine given the token system scrapping. These early tests are crucial for teams to get on top of teething issues. Alonso won’t be too happy with the issue, but the team will want to get as much mileage on the car as possible as the testing continues this afternoon.

At the end of the morning session, Sebastien Vettel managed a 1.22.791 in the Ferrari SF70T, eclipsing Valtteri Bottas’ time of 1.23.169 in the Mercedes W08. The Finnish driver did clock the highest tally of laps though (79), and the Silver Arrows have got off to the smoothest start. Stoffel Vandoorne will take the McLaren MCL32 out this afternoon if it is ready, the Belgian driver looking to get his first proper taste of these 2017 cars.



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