Fernando Alonso: “We Need to Stay Calm”

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso lamented the team’s poor performance at the opening day of Barcelona testing, but remained resolute that the team must press forward.

McLaren didn’t have the best performance out of the gate during the first Formula One test at Barcelona. An oil leak crippled two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso’s chance to get an adequate test run in. Alonso was forced to call it a day with only 29 laps in. The Spanish driver took time after the test to give his opinion on how things went – quick to tell the media that today’s technical failure would be “too easy” of a headline to make if it was compared to the difficulties the team encountered over the past two years. Noted, pal.

Alonso in the MCL32

 “It’s very juicy that after the two years we had, with so many difficulties, you start the third year and on the first lap we have to change the power unit. It’s an easy headline. But we can’t be drawn into that because of the frustration we have – the fans, the sponsors, the mechanics, the engineers who had been working for four or five months.

The car arrived at 1am on Saturday and on Sunday we were on track doing a filming day, so no one is happy to lose a day and no one is hiding their frustration. There’s an infinite amount of things to test and we couldn’t do it. Without hiding that, we need to stay calm.

It’s eight days of testing so let’s draw conclusions after the eighth day and let’s hope they are better than today.” – Fernando Alonso

Alonso’s right. We shouldn’t be quick to issue judgement calls on the team’s failure to mount a full day of testing, but it would be downright silly not to wonder if McLaren is going to be fighting the same battles they’ve been tangled up in for the past two years. It’s too early to call, but the blip from Honda arrived at an unfortunate time.

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