Lewis Hamilton: “I’ve Got Bruises and Bumps Where I’ve Never Had Before”

Renowned Mercedes Driver Lewis Hamilton gives  some insight into how the new 2017 F1 cars perform when stacked against the old ones.

From the moment that the technical details emerged regarding the new F1 monstrosities, we’ve known they’d offer up a much more physically demanding experience to the drivers. Over the winter, every driver and their mom was hitting the gym in an effort to prepare for the additional downforce they would experience in the upcoming season. Now, after the second day of testing in Barcelona, we’re able to see just how the cars will perform mid-race.

None other than Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton piped up to comment on his experience in the new car:

“I’m finding the car is much more physical to drive than in the past. It’s so much faster in the corners. The force you feel on your body and on your neck is much higher. I’ve got bruises and bumps where I’ve never really had them before. Physically I feel fine though, as it’s only half a day of testing. I’ve trained enough over the winter to be ready for more.

I didn’t do a huge amount of laps today but I got a really good feel for the car. I think we’ve made some steps forward in development. My quick lap felt fast and tidy. We’ve not really exploited the potential of the car, so it’s all good foundation building at this stage.” – Lewis Hamilton


Hamilton was topped by Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in the second round of testing, showing early signs that Ferrari are on the pace, but they topped time sheets last season too. Though, as most teams and drivers are still figuring their way out around their new cars, it’s a safe bet to say that the opening race of the season is slowly being primed to be an explosive affair.

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