Testing: Every F1 Driver Comments on their 2017 Challengers

It’s early days in the 2017 F1 season, but the drivers have already compiled enough laps in testing to get a real feel for these faster beasts that deal with greater forces. 20 Drivers give some insight into how each car feels.

Lewis Hamilton set the quickest time on the first day of testing, but Kimi Raikkonen set the fastest time on day two in the Ferrari. The Morning session of day three has seen Valtteri Bottas break the 1.20s time with a 1.19.705, pipping Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull and a flying Jolyon Palmer, who managed to set the third fastest lap of the morning session and pip Sebastian Vettel in fourth.

The lap times are already impressive, Bottas’ testing time of 1.19.705 eclipses last year’s pole position at the Spanish Grand Prix, a 1.22.000 set by Lewis Hamilton.


Elsewhere, McLaren managed to complete 28 laps with Fernando Alonso at the helm. To put it into context, McLaren have managed 83 laps so far over the entire Barcelona test, Bottas clocked 75 laps in this morning’s session alone.

Feedback from most drivers indicates that the cars are simply more enjoyable to drive, they get to push on the edge and the Pirelli tyres seem to be a lot more durable, meaning that despite the worries concerning overtaking, we will have an F1 that pushes drivers to the limit.


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