Lance Stroll Explains Second Spin

Williams driver Lance Stroll maintains that the accident that caused him to suffer a second shortened day was due to a problem with the car, and not him.

Being a F1 rookie is not an easy ride. The amount of pressure on one to succeed in their early years can make or break a career. Lance Stroll is finding that his first turns out on the track in the Williams car might be more difficult to manage than he had previously thought.


Stroll crashed into the tire barrier during the Barcelona test after clocking in 99 laps; faring far better than he did on the first day with spinning out shortly after lap 12. The 18-year-old Canadian has opted to downplay the incident – citing that he was the victim in the situation and that the car is at fault:

“It was a really good day – 100 laps, getting used to the car, good long runs, good short runs. Unfortunately just a little thing at the end, a victim of a situation that happened on the end of the car, which just threw the car away from me.

It happened – still trying to figure out exactly what it was.

I’m going to be approaching next week even better than this week. I have time in the car now, at least, all the questions I’ve been asking myself and wonders how it’s going to feel — I actually got to break the ice today. I did 100 laps, so that was really good. That’s really positive about next week.” – Lance Stroll


Although Stroll is feeling positive about his future outings in a Williams car, the same may not be able to be said for the team – which found itself unable to test on the final day due to a shortage of spares. They had to fly a front-wing in and

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