Ross Brawn Prepared to “Iron Out” the 2017 Car Design

Ross Brawn has commented on the state of the “shark fins” and T-Wings on the new 2017 models, stating that they are unintended consequences that need to be ironed out.

Formula One’s managing group has its work cut out for it in the near future as they look to tighten up the technical regulations for Formula One heading into the 2017 season. As the regulations received a major overhaul during the winter, the 2017 cars have been a display in all of the potential loop holes that teams could find to exploit. As such, we’ve seen the result in the obtuse “shark fin” on the backs of some of the cars.


Formula One’s Managing Director Ross Brawn gave a few comments on the state of the designs, citing that the shark fin is a byproduct of the regulation change and will surely be ironed out over time:

“With the new cars and new rules, we have to see how they perform and what effect that has. As a racing car, it looks more exciting. The proportions of the car are better.

They’re much faster; pretty impressive performance. Drivers tell me they are physically challenging, which is what was wanted.

As always with new regulations, there are few little hiccups. We’ve got the unpopular shark’s fin on the back. In time, I think we need to address those.

Part of the objective of the new rules was to produce more exciting-looking cars, so we don’t want to spoil it with peripheral bits that take away from that. But that’s normal with new regs.” – Ross Brawn

Stoffel Vandoorne

Brawn specified that the tinkering won’t be limited to the already-identified shark fins and t-wings. Any portion of the vehicle that is causing an unintended side-effect during the races could be up on the chopping block. With such an open view on tweaking, one might think that the opened-up regulations might have been for the benefit of the managing body rather than of the teams.

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