Boullier uses ‘Fake News’ as an Excuse for Poor Early Form

I was really hoping that this petty phrase wasn’t going to infiltrate the paddock of Formula One, but well done McLaren, you’ve said “fake news” in an attempt to excuse what has so far been a bad pre-season test.

Eric Boullier was asked about the car being observed through the corners and not looking good. Boullier said,

“Well, strangely, the car reacts well to any changes that we have asked. The drivers on that point are quite happy.

I read some comments [about handling difficulties in Turns 1/2/3] and they are a bit like Trump ‘fake news’ – because it is not the only chassis.

Remember these engines are hybrid engines, which means when you are very early back on throttle you have electrical power which is on/off. And then you have a turbo as well at the back – so depending on your drivability there could also be some issues.”

– Eric Boullier


When an F1 Veteran like Pedro De La Rosa makes an observation trackside and doesn’t like what he see’s in the way the MCL32 handles, are we supposed to not believe him by default? Unfortunately, the changes that the car has reacted best to are too often in the form of a Honda power unit.

To suggest that it’s fake news to single out McLaren’s chassis issues against others on the grid that might be struggling too is bullshit, the only reason McLaren has been singled out compared to other chassis’ is because fans expect more from McLaren. If Boullier doesn’t want this privilege, then our expectations of what they can do this season should be lowered.

McLaren MCL32

If fake news is as powerful as Boullier suggests, then we’re willing to do him a favour:

Final Day of Testing Report:

Despite the early disasters surrounding the McLaren team, they have finished the final session of week two top of the time sheets. Fernando Alonso registered a lap of 1.16.000, two-and-a-half seconds quicker than the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton on the ultra-softs whilst Alonso completed a 345 lap stint on the Mediums.

With the sudden change in form, Alonso has also signed a 10-year contract extension with McLaren, and F1 veteran Pedro De La Rosa had this to say,

“I’ve been sitting at turn three all week and have to admit, I lied when I first reported on how the McLaren looked going through turn-3. In this session, Alonso was so comfortable in the car he was texting on his phone as he whizzed by flat out. I’ve never seen such an incredible Formula One car, and when I went back to the garage, the Honda boys and the McLaren mechanics were linked arm in arm, cheering over the brilliance of the MCL32 beast”


This McLaren propaganda was approved by the Fake News Institute, 43 Ice Lane, Narnia



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