Maverick Vinales Dominates Tests but still wants More

Movistar Yamaha’s Maverick Vinales has topped yet another official test, and the young Spaniard is always hungry for more.

When Vinales first started to dominate the tests, many were quick to the advantages that Yamaha had over his former Suzuki bike. However, now that he’s effectively made the test his own, there isn’t much room for doubt that Vinales is poised to be the most dangerous competitor heading into the opening race in Qatar. Though his teammate Valentino Rossi continues to struggle against lukewarm performance on his bike, Vinales has enjoyed success at nearly every outing he’s had.


The young Spaniard is clearly happy, but cautions that there is much for him to learn from Valentino:

“We did a really good job. It’s never perfect, you always want more. I wanted to go to ’54s, because last year Jorge did. But anyway, I think we did a good job. Also Valentino, it’s incredible how Valentino manages the races. There I can improve a lot, and also learn from him.

It’s just the first race. We have to get experience. But anyway, for sure our goal is to win, because after the test, we have seen that we have incredible pace, so we are going to try to continue on that level.”

– Maverick Vinales

Mav Vinales

Vinales went on to say that although he feels confident with how his turn at the pre-season testing has gone, he isn’t putting too much stock in himself being the shoe-in for the title, citing that although Marquez remains the greatest threat, the rookies could pack a surprise somewhere down the road:

“I think Marc [is the largest threat]. He is always being there in the front, all the races, so he is the most constant. There are many riders who are strong, even the rookies like Folger and Zarco are quite strong also. So they can make a surprise.”

– Maverick Vinales

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