Australia Gets Its Own Nordschliefe

The new Australian circuit known as “The Bend” will become the second-longest FIA-grade circuit after Germany’s Nordschliefe.

You think being a racecar driver is difficult enough? Try endurance races on for size. The most famous (or perhaps nefarious) track in the world for endurance races continues to be Germany’s Nordschliefe. The circuit has a long and hallowed history as being such a peach that it has force many a driver to reconsider their chosen career path. But now, there’s a newcomer around the bend that is looking up to big papa Nordschliefe.

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Coming in at 7.8 kilometers in total, the new circuit that’s being developed in Australia known as “The Bend” is poised to become the second-longest permanent FIA-grade circuit in the world. The track plans to field Supercars in addition to GT drivers who would like to reserve a private session.

The Bend’s Manager of Motorsport Development Paul is all-too-amped on the prospect of the finished track, and frankly, he believes everyone should be:

“I don’t think anyone who is serious about Motorsport isn’t excited about it. It’s an FIA Category 2 international circuit, it’s world class in its facilities, and the GT track that we have there is the second longest track in the world for a permanent facility, the first being the Nordschleife in Germany.

It’s a huge track. With that circuit, we’re hoping in the future we can run some great international or national endurance events. But then we’re also focused on driver experiences and track experiences, so we’re expecting your GT category cars to come out and set a time.

On the simulator it looks like the lap times will be just over three minutes, which is nuts. To nail a lap and get that right will take a lifetime.” – Paul Trengrove


Three minute lap times are ludicrous. Sure, it’s double that at Nordschliefe, but more built-for-endurance tracks can only be good for the Motorsport.

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