Formula E is On the Table for McLaren

McLaren Boss Zak Brown has said that he wants to see his team’s involvement in Formula E increase in “some way, shape or form”.

Things just keep looking brighter and brighter for Formula E. The non-traditional Motorsport has come a long way since its inaugural season in 2014. As time crawls by, more and more high-profile teams are expressing interesting being involved with the series. Now, Formula One’s legendary McLaren team has directly expressed their interest by saying that their Applied Technologies arm will provide the control battery for the 2018/2019 season.

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McLaren Boss Zak Brown offered some insight into the team’s desire to become a part of Formula E:

“It’s great that we’re able to demonstrate that we’re taking a leadership role and showing our competency there.

We are looking at ways to get more involved in Formula E. Everything is on the table from starting a team, to buying a team, to working with a team to further developing other areas within Formula E that McLaren apply technology.

We can go beyond the battery technology. I think Formula E is going places. I think it has its place in Motorsport and being the motor racing junkie I am, as long as it’s commercially viable and on brand, the more range the better.”” – Zak Brown


What started out as a method to show that electric vehicles are capable of offering the same thrills as traditional combustion engines has become something much more. Formula E has seen steady growth in viewership as the years progressed, showing the rest of the Motorsports world that the realm of electric vehicle racing was a giant vein lying untapped.

One can hope that things continue to head along this path for Formula E, as greater vested interest in the sport on behalf of huge well-known names can only serve to benefit the sport.

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