Eddie Jordan: “Don’t be surprised to see Hamilton just annihilate everybody”

Former Formula 1 team-owner turned pundit Eddie Jordan has a bold prediction for 2017: Lewis Hamilton is going to make a brutal sweep through the ranks.

There are many who are looking ahead to the 2017 season of Formula One in anticipation of a refreshed Motorsport after such a shakeup over the winter with Rosberg’s retirement and the regulation upheaval. In the other camp, are those who think that nothing worthwhile has changed, and that the sport is in for another round of Mercedes and Hamilton emerging as victors once again. Eddie Jordan is a member of the latter.

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Barcelona Testfahrten 1,

Jordan’s star-studded career in Motorsports validates him as an authority within the sport, and his practice as a pundit cements him as a voice worth lending an ear to. Jordan doesn’t spend much time focusing on the potential competition this year from Red Bull or Ferrari – despite the narrowed gap shown during testing – but rather takes a bit more of a spectacular angle on the Hamilton’s state within the motorsport:

“Hamilton got a big shock last year. He left at the summer break looking invincible – as if he was commanding everything that needed to be done, and he took his eye off the ball.

And Rosberg, some might say he was lucky, some may not, but he took full advantage and he won a championship. [Hamilton] realizes he should be a four-time world champion. He’s not.

So he’s now going to make sure that he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Don’t be surprised to see Hamilton just annihilate everybody. That’s what most people are expecting.” – Eddie Jordan


Although even Hamilton’s new teammate, Valltteri Bottas, has displayed impressive lap times, Jordan remains set in his views that this year will be another in which Team Hamilton will reign supreme:

“It will take Bottas, irrespective of how good he is, to learn the team, the car, because most things will be going Hamilton’s way. I see Hamilton having it won with four races to go.”

– Eddie Jordan

The Briton knows how to manage a race from the front, but at the same time, the Mercedes dominance of this era has put him on a pedestal against the likes of other proven winners like Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari. If one of the other teams can match Mercedes for pace in the race, then Hamilton himself will enjoy a real fight, this is also something that he wants in 2017. It won’t be as great a title if it’s a contest between two drivers from the start.

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