Formula One: Hamilton and Co. Aim to Break the Mould

Lewis Hamilton is very aware that no team has won back-to-back titles  after such an extensive rule change as the one in 2017 – and he’s determined to break the mould.

The upcoming 2017 Formula One season has shaped up to be a first of many things. After the rule upheaval, it could also spell the first time that Mercedes is forced to concede a defeat to a rival team. Keenly aware of this, the team is mustering everything it’s got to remain the dominant force in the World’s Premier Motorsport. Mercedes’ best chance of seeing their hopes of victory fulfilled will come in the form of their ace driver, Lewis Hamilton, who has let the pre-season test results whet his appetite for a true fight ahead.


Hamilton gave statements regarding the status of the competition recently, saying that while he relishes the possibility for a disruption, he is prepared to fight tooth and nail for the victory:

“Having more teams and more drivers fighting for the wins is what racing is about.

It is hoped the major aerodynamic rule changes, coupled with a switch to bigger tires, can allow teams to pose a bigger threat to Mercedes’ dominance of F1, and Hamilton has welcomed the potential shake-up.

The more of a fight you have the more satisfying it is when you are victorious.

I am very, very keen to see what Red Bull bring as they were quite far behind in testing compared to Ferrari.”

– Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton 2

Hamilton still maintains that Ferrari have emerged as the “favourites’ of the pre-season testing after they turned in several powerful performances in Barcelona. Although the Ferrari drivers have kept relatively quiet about their incredible lap times, Hamilton believes he sees through the veil:

“Ferrari have been the quickest over the winter and I’d say they are the favourites. Sebastian is normally a lot more hyped. I can tell he’s excited and trying to keep a lid on it.”

– Lewis Hamilton

Practice for the Australian Grand Prix should shed further light on the initial running order of the top three teams and the rest of the grid. One team that has slipped beneath Hamilton’s radar is Williams. They set some very competitive times with Felipe Massa in pre-season testing and have ex-Mercedes technical lead Paddy Lowe at the team, he knows the W08’s secrets and the open development around aero and the power unit might see the Mercedes customer team as an unlikely challenger as the season progresses.

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