Lewis Hamilton claims Driver Competition is Tougher than Last Season

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton reflects on the state of the title fight heading into 2017 – claiming that his competition this year is tougher than Rosberg.

After the stunning opening of Formula One 2017 in Melbourne, the channels have been abuzz over what Sebastian Vettel’s victory could mean for the sport. The racing fever hasn’t just gripped the fans, however, as Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is possibly even more excited that the sport is lining up a battle of the best pitted against one another.


Speaking after the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton was asked whether he believed he faced a tougher challenge heading into the 2017 season when compared to the one he got from former teammate Nico Rosberg:

“Definitely, definitely. I think this year we’re seeing the best drivers at the top.

Obviously, it would be great to have Fernando [Alonso] up there, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

At least we have a great driver in Sebastian with his four titles, [who had] an incredible surge into Formula 1, continues to be a force and will continue to be for many years to come.

I’m really grateful to have that fight with him, against Ferrari. It’s great.” – Lewis Hamilton


While things may yet turn around for the Fernando Alonso and the troubled partnership between McLaren and Honda, there is no questioning that Vettel and Ferrari emerged on top form at the inaugural F1 race.

In addition to a more difficult challenge from the German and his crimson comrades, Hamilton suggests that though there may be a rivalry between the two in the future, their relations are in a much better place than the infamous Hamilton-Rosberg feud:

“I haven’t had many races up against Sebastian but we’ve always had a respectful relationship. I think there’s a great amount of respect there between us and I’m sure that will continue to grow.” – Lewis Hamilton

What a prospect! Two drivers who have dominated continually at one point or another in Formula One, finally ready to face each other.

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