Criminals Arrested in Multiple Raids Over Attempt to Steal Enzo Ferrari Corpse

Several gangs of criminals have been arrested in a string of raids that targeted members of gangs which plotted to steal Enzo Ferrari’s body.

Brace yourselves, dear readers.

In what is perhaps going to be one of the stranger stories in the world of Motorsports for 2017, Italian investigators have announced that 34 criminals from multiple gangs have been arrested across Italy for a plot that would have seen Enzo Ferrari’s body stolen from its resting place in San Cataldo.


The arrests – which took place in Veneto, Tuscany, Lombardy, Emilia, Orgosolo and Sardinia – were carried out by joint task forces of both military and police personnel.

The plan, apparently, was to exhume Ferrari’s body and take it to a secret safe house in the Apennine Mountains and then extort either the family or the Ferrari company by demanding ransom for the body.

The criminals were reportedly already engaged in activities such as the sale of drugs and guns, but decided that they wanted to “branch out” into different territory. Thus, the infallible plot to steal Ferrari’s body was hatched.


Italian pride in the Ferrari company runs strong, but it appears that the Italian military might bear a hefty number of Motorsports fans as well – 300, in total – as its members were quick to respond to the request made by the anti-Mafia directorate. The 300 Italian soldiers descended upon the criminals and stopped the plan dead in its tracks. One shouldn’t be faulted for taking this moment to envisage 300 Italian soldiers, much like Leonidas’ Spartans, clad in crimson battle armour, descending upon the unsuspecting lawbreakers.


And Remember folks, no matter how much of a Ferrari fan you are, you’ll never be as much of a fan as the culprits who would personally toil over exhuming the famous Italian car maker just to see his shining face one last time.

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