Sauber Defends Wehrlein’s Withdrawal – Slams Critics

Formula One team Sauber has come to the defense of one of their drivers – Pascal Wehrlein – after critics have come out against the young German.

Participating in a Formula One race is no easy feat. Making the call to sit one out, however, could be even harder. That’s the decision that Pascal Wehrlein was faced with after it was evident his loss of time in the Sauber 2017 challenger during pre-season testing would result in him suffering a deficiency of hands-on experience with the new, more powerful machine.


As such, Wehrlein opted to withdraw from the race following the back injury sustained during a crash at the Race of Champions in Miami. Antonio Giovinazzi took his place and drove and eye catching, mature race as the German focused on recovering and being fully prepared for his shot in the ultramarine and gold beast.


Unfortunately, the hordes of naysayers bounded over at the young German from the moment he’d announced his decision to step down from the race, citing fear and cowardice as the reasons for Pascal’s absence.

Sauber is having none of it. Team Principal Monisha Kaltenborn stepped into the discussion to levy an attack on the supposed competency that the armchair Formula One specialists possess:

“He just needs time. I think it is really awful how people think they have any sort of competence to say anything about him.

They just have their weird views from wherever they come and have no authority at all to judge over anyone. I think it is rather appalling how people think they can judge this and they should look at themselves first.

It takes a lot for someone so ambitious to openly admit and say, ‘Guys, in these circumstances, I cannot cover the entire race distance’.

So one should rather appreciate that kind of openness and honesty, which is not easy to maintain with the kind of pressure these guys have.” – Monisha Kaltenborn


Regardless of what the backseat drivers like to claim, Pascal is on track to field the car in the upcoming GP, the big winners in this, like the Australian Grand Prix, are Ferrari. Antonio Giovonazzi finished well and could have gone quicker had he been more familiar with the longer life of the Pirelli’s. Ferrari will be boosted by the performance level of their reserve driver, and may not have to look too far afield should they lose either of their current driver partnership for 2018. A promising Italian in what looks to be a Ferrari team back at the top, what a situation that would be.

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