Vergne Lays into d’Ambrosio for “stupid” defense in Mexico City

Techeetah Driver Jean-Eric Vergne has stern words for the Faraday-Future Dragon racer Jerome d’Ambrosio regarding passing tactics.

Before we get started here folks, it’s important to disclose that what follows is likely to be a tale in which the umbrage-taking party that from hereinafter will be referred to as “Vergne” was simply salty as the other party’s tactics resulted in Vergne not being able to challenge for first place.


During the Formula E ePrix in Mexico city, Vergne found himself behind the stoutly defensive d’Ambrosio as he attempted to pass time and challenge first place. At the summation of the race, Vergne had managed to take second, and d’Ambrosio fell to 14th as his energy reserves ran low.

After the race, Vergne had strong words to level at d’Ambrosio, though apparently rejected any attempt that d’Ambrosio made to speak with him directly.

“It was the manner in which he [d’Ambrosio] defended today which I find unacceptable and unfair. He pushed me off the track many times while I was trying to overtake him and he was never going to finish the race anyway with his energy levels.

It was totally stupid. In the end it cost him his race and it cost me a chance to win so I have to wonder if the guy has a brain. He wanted to speak to me afterwards but I’ve nothing to say to him.” – Jean-Eric Vergne


d’Ambrosio offered his own rebuke to Vergne statements, admitting that while he kept the pressure on Vergne, he didn’t do anything illegal – confident that he would leave the decision up to the FIA:

“I was doing my race and if he [Vergne] is expecting some people to give way to him then this is not racing is it? If the FIA think I was too aggressive and not driving within the rules then they will let me know and I’ll get a warning, I’m sure.

From my point of view I turned in early, didn’t move in my line.

I didn’t give much space but this is racing. I understand it can be frustrating but everyone is doing their own race and it’s what the fans want to see I think.” – Jerome d’Ambrosio


The FIA has yet to officially respond to the incident. Vergne was clearly irritated that he couldn’t pass d’Ambrosio and fight the eventual winner Lucas di Grassi, who was able to pull out a small gap to the fight behind.

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