Formula 4 Sees Renewed Interest in the US

The junior driver category has seen a swell of interest, causing its official grid roster to rise to 32 entries.

While America is typically associated with Motorsports such as NASCAR, Motocross, and the fine motorsport under the NHRA, there is a love for Formula X driving that permeates the nation-wide fervour for going around the track fast in aerodynamic metal boxes. Formula 4, designed as a feeder series in the Formula division for junior drivers, has seen a sudden increase in interest as its season opening entries have risen to 32 in total.


While the exact cause is difficult to determine, it may have something to do with the fact that the owners of Formula One are now Americans, with Liberty Media having successfully ousted Bernie Ecclestone and Co. during their takeover of the Motorsport.

Regardless, the participants and management could not be happier with the results. The SCCA Pro Racing Vice President Steve Oseth says:

“We couldn’t be more pleased about the continued response F4 U.S. is receiving. It is a clear indicator of the value [the series] presents.” – Steve Oseth


Oseth isn’t the only member of Formula 4 that is tickled pink by this year’s developments. Benjamin Pedersen, a 17-year-old from Denmark who will be driving for Global Racing Group will also have the privilege of being tutored by Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean. Pedersen is understandably excited to be tutored by such a proficient premier-class driver:

“Having Romain as a mentor is very humbling. To have someone as knowledgeable as him, is a huge advantage. I can’t wait for the red lights to go out at Homestead.” – Benjamin Pedersen

Whether that “huge advantage” turns out to be true or not, Pedersen’s enthusiasm can be compared to that which the series is seeing right now. Though Formula 1 is a global sport, perhaps it is time that it develops into a much larger and more fervent following in the United States.

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