Grosjean Convinced that Haas can Reconcile Difficult Aus GP in China

Romain Grosjean is throwing his weight behind Haas as the American outfit continues to strive toward peak performance.

As the only American team in Formula One, Haas has a unique challenge: how do they convince the other teams that Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull are holding weapons of mass destruction so they may mount a coalition against them and bomb democracy into them?

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In reality, the team has been planted in the midfield, and are hoping to do a bit better this season. This weekend’s Grand Prix should shed more light onto whether the changes they’ve implemented over the last several months will bear the results they desire. Haas driver Romain Grosjean had decided to stand fully behind the restricting of the team and their decisions – including the shift of focus to their 2017 challenger during last season.

“We’ve got more people in the team, more engineers, more knowledge. Hopefully whenever it goes well it’s easy to set up the car, but when it doesn’t we’ve got more resource to work hard.

[There are] some really clever people who have joined the team over the winter and we’re really putting a lot of hopes in that.”

– Romain Grosjean


Grosjean went on to praise team owner Gene Haas and team principal Gunther Steiner, saying that although the American outfit is only in its second season in the sport, the team makeup is positioning them to be ready to bring an even bigger fight into the 2017 season:

“That is why we have got Gene, because he understands racing, he loves it and he knows the first year is great but the second year is a challenge.

It will take time to win so you always need to look one step ahead and with Gunther Steiner we have a really good understanding of that.

Whenever the car was in the wind tunnel and [with] the people we were starting to employ, I knew year two looked better than year one.

The whole process was actually done in a very clever way, so year one wouldn’t be awesome and year two just a drop.” – Romain Grosjean

Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. Thursday 02 March 2017. World Copyright: Sam Bloxham/LAT Images ref: Digital Image _SLB1615
Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Following a very disappointing season opener, the team are looking for a much stronger finish in China. If they can find a way to bridge the power gap between themselves and the head of the pack, they’ll surely be swarmed by rival engineers to find out just how the hell they managed to resolve the overtaking issue.

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