Toto Wolff – No Plans to Sign Vettel

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff has denied all suspicions that Mercedes was looking to poach Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari.

The life of a Formula One team boss is never easy. First, you’ve got a veritable maelstrom of egos to contend with, decimal-point precision to enact on your team’s car for that year, and to top it all off you’ve got slanderous media folk twisting your words around to generate buzz to sell. A tough road for many to walk, but not Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff.

Vettel Toto

When Mr. Wolff is…

(what follows is merely the authors speculation and not substantiated fact. Therefore, all that proceeds should be regarded only in the context of joviality and then promptly dismissed as utter hogwash)

… not scaling the Matterhorn in his free time between races or crushing his foes in feats of great mental and physical dexterity, he is treading the line between composure and oblivion, always managing to come out one the side of steely leadership. Mr. Wolff has challenged said composure into a recent statement regarding accusations leveled at Mercedes claiming that they were planning to poach Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari:

“There was one quote that was blown completely out of context. What I said is that I like Sebastian as a personality. I get on with him very well. And for any team not considering Sebastian, if you were to have a vacant spot, would be silly. But there is no vacant spot to consider [at Mercedes].

We have two drivers and we have committed to the drivers and we will give them every support that we need to give them.

Mid-Australian Grand Prix. Stress level: Over 9000
Mid-Australian Grand Prix.
Stress level: Over 9000

It’s clear that Valtteri will need that support at the beginning coming new to a team, having the quickest Formula 1 driver of modern times as a teammate. I’m not thinking about 2018 and beyond. It’s very far down my list of priorities.”

I think we haven’t set a time because we wait for five or six race weekends to see how it all settles down and then look at the situation. But it’s so far down the line… Three months, it feels like ages.” – Toto Wolff

Perhaps the three months will serve only to bolster Mr. Wolff’s resolve in his claim that Mercedes has no plans to tap Vettel in the future, but could you imagine? The scandal. Quick, someone push this to syndication immediately.



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