President Erdogan Agrees to Turkish Formula One race “In Principal”

Turkish President Erdogan has agreed to bringing back the Istanbul Park race to F1 after a meeting with new CEO Chase Carey.

The future of Formula One continues to change as the new ownership implements further and further changes to the sport. The most recent development is that of a new Formula One track in Turkey. The track – Istanbul Park – was previously attempted to be added to the international F1 roster in 2013 after the track owner, Vural Ak, tried to strike a deal with Bernie Ecclestone. Ecclestone was allegedly seeking returns of $26 Million in the first year alone. It’s not surprising to see why such a plan fell through.


Now, under Liberty Media’s stead, it seems that the track will be making a return as now CEO Chase Carey has struck a deal with both Vural Ak and President Erdogan that is confirmed in all but a contract. Vural Ak commented on the meeting with Carey and Erdogan:

“We had a meeting in Ankara earlier today with the President and Chase Carey from Liberty Media, whom I previously invited to Turkey personally before.

All I can say at this point is that the meetings went really well and we agreed in principle. Although the contract hasn’t been signed yet.” – Vural Ak


Liberty Media has made no secrets that it desires to run the business in a much different way than Ecclestone did – to the point that they axed him right out of the gate. For better or worse, the new stewards of Formula One clearly have big plans for the sport in the years ahead.

Liberty Media have supplemented the loss of the Malaysian Grand Prix by bringing back the French and German Grand Prix in its stead. If they continue at this pace, we’ll see the F1 calendar continue to swell.

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