Maverick Vinales Finds his MotoGP Fortunes “Difficult to Believe”

Movistar Yamaha’s newest recruit finds his perfect 2017 record “difficult to believe” as he topples race after race before him.

If Maverick Vinales continues this sort of performance, the young Spaniard will see himself go down as one of the greatest in MotoGP history. The Movistar Yamaha newcomer has posted absolutely incredible performances ever since he climbed atop the blue 2017 challenger.


Now, after his second Grand Prix win in Argentina, Vinales take a moment to reflect on the race and his near-perfect results, saying that it’s still difficult for him to believe just how things have shaken down:

“It’s difficult to believe you can start like this. For sure if somebody told me [last year] that I would win that race in Argentina, I would say nearly impossible. From three races I did here I crashed in two. Two victories in a row is something incredible, gives us a high motivation. We have to keep on the right way, that motivation and still working really hard.” – Maverick Vinales

Vinales did indeed manage to find a way to surprise even the most staunch of naysayers with his results. While the future is still very much unwritten, Vinales’ performance seems to become ever the premonition as the young rider rides the waves of elation and enthusiasm into each forthcoming race.


Yamaha has always fielded one of the most reliable and adaptable bikes of the marques out on the tarmac, and it appears that the team’s behind the scenes work is helping bolster Maverick’s performances:

“We are in a good moment, I am feeling good. I could give my 100 percent; when I can ride how I want, I can do a good rhythm.
For the next races we have to continue like that. The team is really motivated, I’m motivated, Yamaha has done a great performance now. Race by race I feel stronger, I’m so happy and pleased.” – Maverick Vinales

Whether the young rider can make it three-for-three in the upcoming Grand Prix in Austin, Texas is still up in the air – but with his current track record one would be forgiven for assuming that Speedy Vinales will once again take the win home.

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