Blaney and Dale Jr make up in Texas

To anyone who follows Dale Earnheardt Jr, Ryan Blaney or both on Twitter, it’s no secret that away from the track, these two neighbours hang out and drink beer with each other. However, that hasn’t happened for the last couple of weeks after some on-track incidents that left Dale Jr a little bit irritated.


Back in Phoenix, it was a scorching hot weekend and temperatures weren’t the only thing to rise when the no.21 for Wood Brothers Racing Ryan Blaney called Dale Jr an insulting swear-word name over his radio. This was the first incident. The two did hug it out though.

Two weeks later and things were about to get physical in Martinsville. With just 8 laps left in the first stage of the shortest NASCAR track, the yellow flag came out for Dale Jr who span in 10th place. He and Blaney had made contact twice in turn 1 and again in turn 2. Both sustained damage and Dale Jr headed for the pits.

The following day and Dale posted this tweet in response to a potential phone call apology from Blaney.

He said he was “frustrated” with what had happened but he was also

“Having a lot of fun with it; kind of messing with him a little bit about it.”

Fast forward to their recent time at Texas, and apparently the two are back to being good pals again.

“Me and Blaney patched things up in the bus lot this weekend. We talked about trying to run races without running into each other so we can get back to drinking beer together.”



Dale also spoke briefly about Blaney’s recent success:

“It’s not surprising for me to see him run good, but I do have to remind myself that he’s in a Wood Brothers car ’cause that’s pretty incredible for that team, that car to be relevant again in the sport. It’s great for NASCAR.”

So here’s to hoping we see plenty more entertaining Tweets for the pair now that they’ve made up.

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