Max Verstappen Apologizes for “Brazilian” Comment

Red Bull Driver Max Verstappen has apologized to Felipe Massa and any who may have been offended by recent comments of his.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull has come under fire recently after comments that he made toward Felipe Massa during what he believed was an unrightful attempt to overtake during qualifying, and thus “ruined” his lap. Verstappen said ““Well, he’s a Brazilian – so there’s not much to discuss.” After he was asked whether or not he would speak to Massa after the qualifying round.

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Max’s comments, understandably, brought forth the ire of many Brazilians and Massa himself, who issued a warning to Verstappen. Verstappen seems to have heeded both Massa’s warning as well as facing the music from many fans and spectators as he has formally issued an apology for his behaviour on his Facebook account.
Verstappen’s statement is as follows:

“I feel like I need to clarify my remarks that were made after this weekends (sic) qualifying session.

Being a passionate racer, I was very disappointed with my last stint and gave an emotional reaction that was taken out of context.

By no means did I mean to insult the Brazilian people who I greatly respect and are always very nice to me when I visit the country.

One of the highlights of my career was last years [sic] Brazilian GP and it was extra special to do this in the country that brought us legendary drivers such as Senna, Fittipaldi and Piquet.

I would like to apologize to any Brazilians that feel offended and look forward to racing in your country again.” – Max Verstappen


Verstappen was wrong to spout such nonsense to begin with, but it good to see that the teen driver moved quickly toward damage control as briskly as he did. Verstappen does have a bit of a history of mouthing off in the heat of the moment when things aren’t going his way – let’s just hope he can keep a lid on it in the future. It’s a reminder of his age, an immature, thoughtless comment in the heat of the moment.

Given how disappointing Red Bull have been so far this season and how reinvigorated Felipe Massa looks in 2017, there’s a big chance that Verstappen and Massa will cross paths on-track this season. Here’s to continuing the conversation on the circuit and keeping the outlandish generalisations to a minimum!

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