Three Races Down: Comparing Current Constructors Points Hauls to Last Season

The 2017 Formula One season is already 15% completed. Comparing this season’s Constructors standings to last seasons indicates which teams have displayed early signs of promise, and others that are behind in the standings compared to this point in 2016.

Force India are the team that have made the biggest leap forward in the Constructors this season so far, strengthening the prospect of the team clinging onto 4th in the standings. Sergio Perez is more than aware that the Pink-liveried squad are over delivering already this season. He said,

“I think as a team we are over-delivering massively given where the car performance is at the moment. I think we are taking opportunities from others, from other people getting it wrong. I don’t think the car pace, especially this weekend, has been great.

I’m sure when I look back at the race simulations we will not be the fifth or the fourth-fastest team. So there’s plenty to improve, and hopefully the next upgrade in Barcelona will move us forward.

I think Williams and Renault are a bit ahead, Toro Rosso as well, but we were there to take any opportunity. Three consecutive races in the points has been fantastic.”

– Sergio Perez


Also exposed in the 2016/2017 comparison after three races is despite the borderline write-off of Red Bull this season, it’s worth considering they were 3rd overall at this point last season too, and ended up as clear runner-ups to Mercedes last season. The only issue this season is that Mercedes are probably the team they are going to have to try and catch if they want to do better than 3rd in 2017.


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