The Key to Vinales’ Performance is Riding Against His Will

Movistar Yamaha Crew Chief Ramon Forcada has said that the key to Vinales dominance is that he’s conforming to the bike’s wants.

One would think that a world-class motorcycle rider would be sweeping up the points any way that he can through sheer dominance of the machine that rests between his legs. Alas, such is not the case – according to Movistar Yamaha’s Crew Chief Ramon Forcada.Mavvin

Forcada recently gave some insight into how Vinales is managing to turn in such an all-star performance on his YZR-M1 – saying that it’s not a case of the rider pushing the bike to the limit, but rather of him riding the bike how it wants to be ridden:

“Maverick would like a bike with the rideability and the traction of the Yamaha, which turned like the Honda and which was as fast as the Ducati.

But all the other riders would like that too. Because he knows that’s impossible, he is not riding the way he feels most comfortable, instead trying to extract the maximum from what the Yamaha offers him.


He would like to brake later and harder, and turn in quicker, like a Honda would do it. But he is aware that with this bike that’s not possible, so we have to imitate a bit what Jorge was doing.

Now he’s faster on the corners than when he was at Suzuki. The Yamaha is designed to take advantage of that; it’s very stable on the rear and has a lot of traction at the exit of the corners.

It’s not that he likes it, that’s how the bike works.” – Ramon Forcada

Forcada went on to say that while Vinales has been putting in all-star performances on his MotoGP Yamaha challenger, the young rider could still stand to improve on his starts – but that will, as Forcada says, come in time.

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