Marquez and Rossi Back Alonso in Indy 500

MotoGP Stars Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi have thrown their support behind the Spanish F1 driver, eager to see his results.

While there is without a doubt a smattering of those who believe that Fernando Alonso’s decision to forgo the Monaco Grand Prix in favour of the Indy 500, the general response of the Motorsports community seems to be one of outpouring support for Alonso’s bold new venture. And now, two of the most iconic riders in MotoGP have endorsed Alonso as they look forward to his participation with bated breath. Those two are none other than Movistar Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi and Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez.


It should come as no surprise to those who are familiar with Rossi’s Motorsport endeavours that the storied Italian would support Alonso’s decision to participate in the Indy 500. Rossi has been an addict for things mechanical and fast since the day he popped out into this world. The Italian regularly participates in Rally exhibitions as well as having a NASCAR race under his belt. Here’s what Rossi had to say about Alonso’s new venture:

“It was a surprise, because it’s strange that Alonso won’t race in Monaco. But I think the situation with the car [in F1] is difficult and he wants to try something else.

It will be very interesting to understand the potential of Alonso at Indy because it’s completely another world, especially when you race on the oval.

The one time I went [on an oval] with NASCAR and it was very interesting, but you understand it’s very different.

It will be a great challenge and very interesting to see.” – Valentino Rossi


While having Rossi’s endorsement would be enough for some, Alonso gets to count himself lucky in that even the current MotoGP defending World Champion is throwing his support behind him:

“The decision is difficult to understand because Monaco one of the good tracks that maybe with McLaren he can get a good result.
[The Indy 500] is a race that’s difficult to understand from outside.

You must be really lucky, slipstream is very strange, but the talent of Alonso, all of the drivers in Formula 1 say is one of the best ones in a car.

His talent is there, I think he’ll be really fast.” – Marc Marquez

Alonso’s prowess on four wheels has rightfully earned him the acclaim of many top Motorsports figures – Could he really be in a position to join Graham Hill and fight for the infamous triple crown?

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