Honda Expecting Performance Upgrade in Time for Sochi

Both McLaren F1 cars are expected to receive countermeasures against their MGU-H issues that should aid them in reclaiming performance.

Could this finally be it? Could Russia be the occasion that Honda and McLaren are able to shake off the weeks of poor performance and step up to fight for the crown that so many Formula One fans desperately wish to see? Well, if Honda’s Chief Yusuke Hasegawa gets his wish, which he hasn’t so far, Sochi is where it will happen.

Stoffel Vandoorne


After the last spat of MGU-H failures ravaged Stoffel Vandoorne and put him teetering precariously on the edge of using up his fourth allowed unit before he begins incurring penalties, it’s an understatement to say that everyone involved in the team wants to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Fortunately for them, it may be arriving sooner rather than later.

Just shy of the end of the in-season test at Bahrain, McLaren and Honda enjoyed a trouble-free day of running with Stoffel Vandoorne completing 81 laps in an attempt to get as much time in the single-seater speeding hunk of metal as he could. Vandoorne was in understandably higher spirits as the bout of good performance served as a ballast for the team:

“After a difficult couple of weeks, the last day of the Bahrain test was very encouraging, both for me and for the whole team.

It was a boost we needed and provided us with a lot of useful information about the direction we are taking the whole package in, so we go to Sochi with a better feeling than we had on Sunday night after a disappointing race.” – Stoffel Vandoorne

A weekend to forget… onto the next one➡️?? #SV2

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Here’s to hoping the the reliability in testing wasn’t a glitch and Vandoorne is finally given a car that can race. In a season thats been difficult for McLaren so far, a test session that put them 4th fastest with no issues has arrived, albeit several months late.

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